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With your child, his or her education is paramount to what lies ahead in their future and this future can be brighter using online high schools in Wisconsin. At our free online public high schools in Wisconsin, we are now able to offer the same great education that your child would receive in a public school classroom from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, because we are part of the public school system that you already pay for in your taxes, you do not have to incur any additional fees when you send your son or daughter to school online with us.

What to expect from Free Online High Schools in Wisconsin Call Kim At 1-608-228-1769

Serving the entire State of Wisconsin for public options for online high shcools in Wisconsin, we are the virtual high school you have heard on the News and Seen our interviews and videos about online high schools in Wisconsin. We want everyone who comes here to get a chance at a free public education and even have programs in place to help assist with computers and other materials when asked. By calling our student counselors you will gain access to the very best Wisconsin online high schools and assistance for free.

At our Online High Schools in Wisconsin, we employ top quality, highly qualified Wisconsin teachers who have backgrounds in brick and mortar education, but they also have a strong understanding of how to engage students online. Through our time tested and proven online public high schools program in Wisconsin, we are able to create interactive models that keep the students engaged. We outline requirements and deadlines to assist them in learning time management and how to pace themselves through their work. Doing this aids them in staying on target with end dates and academic timelines.

At the same time, we recognize how important it is for us to stay in touch with parents. We provide many easy ways for both students and parents to get in touch with our teachers. Through learning coaches and student services coordinators, we provide numerous monthly contacts to update parents on how their son or daughter is doing. We also offer suggestions, if necessary, to improve academic outcomes. We all want the same thing, which is for your child to get the best Wisconsin Public Education they can.

Our Online High Schools in Wisconsin

With our Online High Schools in Wisconsin, we are able to offer the same high quality, Wisconsin State Approved Curriculum that you would get in a brick and mortar public school that is located in your district. A few minor changes are found in the methods used to portray the information, and in some cases, the online model is a better fit for students who may have trouble concentrating in a brick and mortar classroom setting. Less students and less distractions while your son or daughter is learning might be exactly what they needed to excel.

For a complete list of the classes we offer online, please complete the form here. Once we receive it, we will email you back a complete catalog of classes as well as schedule an online demonstration of how JEDI provides our courses to your child.

How much does it cost to enroll in the Online High Schools for Wisconsin

We work hard to ensure that there are no costs to your child which is why we are know as the free online high school in Wisconsin. Some school districts in Wisconsin may have a small registration fee. If you live within one of the districts that are in our consortium, your son or daughter has the opportunity to participate in any activities that occur within the building, such as athletics and extracurricular clubs, if they would like. They can also take classes in the building if that is something that interests them. Finally, they will graduate with a diploma from that district. If you are open enrolling through our charter district, your son or daughter will graduate with the chartering district’s diploma.

Ultimately, attending online high schools in Wisconsin with JEDI provides your son or daughter with the best blend possible for them. JEDI truly individualizes your child’s education.